About us

JBS Securities Pvt Ltd is in the business of Shares and Stocks broking, Investment advisory in Stock Markets and are fulfilling Investor needs since 1980. We are a corporate member of the National Stock Exchange. JBS Securities provides financial services to its clients and has reputation for excellence in financial advice and market execution. Mr.Jyotish Bhogilal Shah, Managing Director of the Company has over 35 years of experience and Krutik Shah Director of the Company has over 15 years in stock broking and helping clients achieve their financial aspirations. We earn the reputation of providing services at very attractive prices due to our high volume business and have a dedicated team to provide support services to our customers.

Why choose us?

Vision & Values
It is with our years of experience and knowledge about the category that we have been able to distinguish what will work and what may not. It is this ability and our perspective that our clients value us for. We believe our wealth is in the people, the knowledge and the experience. What we share is our wisdom to ‘power our client’s financial growth’
The level of involvement in financials decisions is very high across the board. The dependability factor becomes the crucial differentiator. At JBS Securities we continuously invest in building people competencies by enhancing their knowledge and the skill sets. We invest in research to enable us to offer the experts’ advice to our clients.
At JBS Securities, integrity is the key to the way we work, interact and deliver. Adherence to ethical practices and integrity takes precedence over all other considerations. This has enabled us to earn trust and commitment from our clients and employees alike.

Being responsive to client needs and changing market dynamics is at the core of all we do at JBS Securities. Being responsive means that we are sensitive to needs, flexible and agile in transforming and adapting to any evolving challenge or scenario. This value is critical to keeping our clients and us ahead and abreast in the financial market.
At JBS Securities, we are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that's focussed on growth and advancement. Our enterprising attitude translates into adaptation of new technologies, methodologies and newer ways to reach our clients or enhance their experience. Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our progress.
Ambition drives growth and urges to set higher goals every time. It is the cornerstone of building a progressive futuristic organisation built on the pride of delivering perfection and aiming excellence in all endeavours. Ambition drives people to give their best and also builds pride of association in clients.