Social Trading – Revolution
in stock broking

For the first time, a trading company is helping you grow with the use of social media! You can customize and link your trading platform with your various social media accounts,and make JBS Securities Pvt Ltd your own personal tool that connects your trading to your wide network of contacts. You can freely and easily share your trading strategies, and you can even follow other traders’ strategies. You will get more visibility than in traditional platforms, and you will see how JBS Securities connects one customer to another.

Features That give You More

JBS Securities is handles low latency feeds,zero down time assurance, multiple server connectivity.
Enhanced Security
Two level authentication for every user before login. Enhanced encryption levels for powerful security assured.
Multiple Platforms
Instant access over various platforms like PC, mobile phones and Tablets via Exe, Web.

No limit On Number of Scripts
View unlimited number of scripts in exe and web version via Multiple Market Watches.
System capability
Centralized architecture which supports various platforms like Desktop application, Browser, Mobile and Tab.